lets animate contact details a lets animate animation birthday party using the animation equipment and creating models


a plastercine model created at an animation birthday party

Children's Entertainment...

Let's Animate offer 3 different styles of birthday packages

Let's Party.


2 Hours 30 Minutes Package...

Catering for a maximum of 9 filmmakers ages 7+


Let’s Animate Animation parties are a fun packed animated adventure, split into groups filmmakers will be taken on an animated journey, creating their very own animated film.


1.CLAY ANIMATION – Filmmakers will design and create a model from plasticine, animate, edit and add sounds; created models can be taken home!  


2.BRICK ANIMATION – Filmmakers will use bricks and minifigures to create their own animated scenario, build sets and props from bricks, animate, edit and add sounds.


After the party is complete each filmmaker receives a certificate of congratulations and within a week an edited copy of their animated film by email.


1 Hour 30 Minutes Package...

Catering for a maximum of 9 - all ages


3.MODEL MAKING – For those that require a shorter party experience Let’s Animate model making workshop are ideal for all ages, Let’s Animate will demonstrate how to construct build and design, your very own plasticine model that can be taken home.


After the party is complete each model maker receives a birth certificate for their model


•Invites are supplied upon booking

•Party bags can be purchased for an extra charge of £2.00 per bag

•A 30-minute break for food will be scheduled in the party, you are welcome to bring your own food and cake or ask about food on offer on site.  


The party can take place at the Let’s Animate Studio in Fargo Village, Coventry’s Creative village, boasting unique creative shops, artist studios and eateries or if you prefer Let’s Animate can come to you, a small charge will be set for travel expenses.  


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