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With the help of UK-based creative iStopMotion animation workshop Let’s Animate, your show is always about to begin. Let’s Animate offers a number of tailored iStopMotion courses to a variety of community groups, and the party is endless. The workshops cater to schools, teacher training, club activities, promotional material, team building events and even taster sessions, where new animators can get a taste of the craft before choosing the right workshop for them. No matter the situation, Gemma Amos, founder of Let’s Animate, will find the perfect approach for everyone.


Gem had an interest in animation from a young age, and when she first saw Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit, she began modeling and crafting her own characters and sets. She went on to study animation at a university and graduated with first class honors. From there, she landed a job at Ragdoll Productions, the creators of Teletubbies and In The Night Garden. While she worked at Ragdoll, she began facilitating animation workshops on the side. The more animation workshops she took on, the more she realized that it was her dream career. Eventually, she left Ragdoll to start her own animation workshop company, and Let’s Animate was born.


Gem loves facilitating all of her workshops because they are so different from each other – she never knows what the group will be like or what fantastic stories they will create. She says that their creative energy actually inspires her own work, as well.

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Gem has a full DBS & Public Liability Insurance.